Can you make chocolates with custom logos?

Yes. I need at least a month’s turnaround time to order the custom logo sheets. Please email me for a quote.

Can I send chocolates to a friend monthly or for their birthday?

Yes. I have a Chocolate of the Month Club. Please email for details.

Can you make vegan chocolates?


Do you make chocolate sculptures?


Can you do custom colours for weddings/events?

Yes. Please see my phot gallery for examples.

Can you do custom flavours?

Absolutely! This is my favourite part – custom creating flavours is my passion.

What do you paint the chocolates with?

Coloured cocoa butter.

Is white chocolate really chocolate?

Yes and no! It’s made of cocoa butter, milk powder and sugar. Whereas milk and dark are both cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk power (for the milk chocolate), and sugar.

What do you do with chocolate leftovers and/or seconds?

Sell them at a reduced cost.

Why is there a shelf life?

Because I don’t use any preservatives.

Do you have a store front that I can shop at?

Not at this time.

Where is your chocolate from?


Do you have a set chocolate menu?

No. My flavours change from season to season.

Could there be nuts or gluten in any of your chocolates?

Yes. They are made in a multi-use kitchen.

Do all of your chocolates contain alcohol?

No. And when they do it’s just a flavouring agent.